Hi everyone, I’m Sarah Jane! Yes, that’s my first name – just imagine there’s a hyphen. I’m a 22 year old Canadian from Vancouver, Canada who’s here to prove that anyone can travel.

I recently went on my first solo trip – 4 months of backpacking around Australia and New Zealand! This was one of the most amazing and challenging things I’ve done, and I’ll be sharing more of my experiences here and on Instagram.

I’ve now returned home to start working on my career. One of my goals is to work remotely someday so I can travel more freely! In the meantime, I’ll be saving up for my next trip and writing as much as possible.

In university I studied English Literature and Classical Studies – aka books and ancient history! My first year was at my university’s “international study centre” in England and I got to backpack around Europe for a couple months after with my best friend. I had tons of travel photos from this amazing trip, which prompted me to create my Instagram, @sejwanders, and eventually this blog.

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