About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah Jane! Yep, that’s my first name – just imagine there’s a hyphen. 

This blog is all about adventures — of both the literal and the literary kind.

I’m an avid backpacker (when there isn’t a global pandemic), voracious reader, and aspiring writer. I felt the need to share what I know and love, which led to creating Sej Wanders. It started as simply a travel blog, but I recently decided to share my love of books as well — a much more relevant aspect of my life right now.

My Story

I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I chose my university because it let me spend my first year abroad in England. I’ve always had a love of travel and always wanted to live in the UK so this program was perfect. While that year had its ups and downs (it turns out I’m not a country person or a science person), I loved how easy it was to travel. In Europe you can get to another country faster than I could get to another province here in Canada!

I went backpacking around Europe for nearly three months with my friend from home, and that trip spawned the first form of my Instagram. I started what was then @SejEats to share all the food photos I took abroad. Eventually, it expanded it to all my travel photos and it morphed into @SejWanders which I still have today.

I returned to Canada for the rest of university, and changed programs into English Literature and Classical studies — aka books and ancient history — which I enjoyed much more than biology. Meanwhile, I kept travelling whenever possible with family and friends. After a six-week trip to Greece I started this blog, but it fell by the wayside pretty quickly.

In 2019 I graduated university and promptly skipped my graduation ceremony to fly to Australia for my first ever solo trip. I decided not to ride out my whole working holiday visa, and instead I spent three months in Australia and one in New Zealand. It was one of the most amazing and challenging things I’ve ever done, and I still think about it every day.

My Life Now

I returned home from my travels without a plan, and worked in a bookstore while figuring things out. Currently, I’m at home studying Publishing online and loving it!

I’ve recently picked up this blog again, an I’m expanding it to include my love of reading and writing too.

While this year isn’t what any of us expected, I’m trying to make the most of it. I’m finally writing again so it isn’t all bad!

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How I actually spend most of my time.